Wednesday, July 30, 2014


   It's been a busy and frankly exhausting couple of weeks. Since housing sales have been up in this area our neighborhood has started to feel a bit nomadic. Seems like there are "For Sale" signs everywhere and while that is good for the local economy it can be hard on the heart-strings. The past two weekends Rob and I have spent our Saturdays helping friends move.
   One of the friends we helped was one of the first and best friends I made here. She and her family moved to the next town over so one of their kids could get into a school program he needs. Her youngest kids have been my kids best friends and so the move has been especially tough on Carly and Jono. Their best friends are no longer right around the corner.
   We've had a couple of play dates at their new home but their kids are so excited about their new friends in their new neighborhood that they haven't wanted to do much with their old ones. My little ones have a hard time understanding that and it hurts their feelings. It will take some time. Hopefully, there will be some new kids moving into our neighborhood soon and they can make new friends. And hey, it's only a couple of weeks until school starts and that will bring new friends too. Oh the pains of childhood. Wish I could make them all better.

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