Thursday, June 26, 2014


We've been having a problem with our air-conditioner for awhile. We thought we had fixed it last summer but knew it was possible it might still have a leak. Sure enough when we started it up this summer it wasn't cooling quite like it should. Finally today we had someone come look at it. They found the inner coils had frozen over and had to thaw out before they could really see what was going on. So, guess what we had to do. No guess. Seriously, just take a stab at it. Yep, we had to crank on the heat to melt the ice on the coils. Uh huh. Crazy right?! For like 2-3 hours--IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER!

So, ever had a Hot Flash in a hot house in the middle of a hot summer?! Not gonna tell you how I know but it sure isn't pretty! In fact, Hell hath no fury like a woman having a hot flash in a hot house in the middle of a hot summer! All I'm gonna say is be glad you didn't run into that woman today! Hahaha!

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