Monday, June 9, 2014


Poor Rob is still trying to pass some pretty good sized kidney stones. If he hasn't passed them in 3 more days they will blast them out of there. He worked today but did so with quite a bit of pain. That's hard but it's also good in a way because it means the stones are moving. We are really hoping they will come through on their own and that they won't have to be blasted. Time will tell I guess but please keep us in your prayers if you will.

I took the kids to the amusement park for a few hours this morning with some friends. Then they came home and played with some other friends this afternoon. I know, rough life. Somewhere in there I did make them clean things up a little but they still got off pretty easy.

It was a really cool evening so I let them ride their bikes in the back yard. After dinner I went out on the swing and sat and watched them as they did. It was fun to just watch them play. I love calm spring/summer nights like tonight.

I think Mom worked outside a little earlier but she was done by the time I got home. The garden looks great, though. I will have to take some pics soon and put them up.

Night all.

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