Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Lots going on. Rob is currently trying to give birth to three kidney stones. Luckily only one of them is large. The other two are only medium. He seems to have a knack for making these little babies. :(
Poor guy -- no fun at all.

My niece and nephew are spending a few days with us while their dad is on a business trip. The kids are having a fun time with their cousins. The best thing is that tonight they taught both Carly and Jono to ride their bikes without training wheels. I was really amazed because we have been working on balance with them but I had no idea they would be able to do it this quickly.

Carly lost her fourth tooth tonight! I think this one hurt the most coming out. It has been loose forever and Rob had to force it a teeny bit to get it to finally come out. A few tears later she was a happy little girl to have something to leave for the tooth fairy.

Grandma has been working hard on our front garden. It looks so nice. It's been really hot here so I am really impressed that she keeps at it. I am definitely not the child who got the gardening gene so I feel truly blessed to have my parents here making our garden beautiful.

We took the kids, the dogs and Rob on a walk tonight. We were thinking it might dislodge his stones and help them move through his system so he can be rid of them. So far . . . no luck. He is still hurting. All prayers on his behalf are sure welcome.

Well, that's all for now folks!


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