Friday, May 30, 2014


Today was Carly's last day of Kindergarten. This year has gone by so fast and she has learned so much. It's amazing the difference a year makes. She is so confidant and able. She makes friends easily and loves being involved in games and fun her friends are having. I am so grateful to the teacher she had this year who had such a positive, uplifting attitude with the students. She worked so hard with each of them. Carly came home today with a 30-40 full page booklet full of pictures of her with her friends, teachers, parents, grandparents--all the things that had happened this school year and several of the special projects she'd made or been involved in. Some of the pictures had been taken in the last day or two. She has 25 kids in her class so this teacher has been working hard to put together these wonderful memory books for all these kids. I am simply amazed and grateful for such a wonderful teacher. She made all the difference in Carly's experience this year. Thank you Mrs. Gray!

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