Sunday, May 4, 2014


Had a really nice Sunday. Got a call mid morning that we'd be having visitors after church so I got busy and made a different dinner than I'd planned so there would be plenty to share. Mom helped a lot. She made her yummy potato salad and her really tasty oatmeal cake.

We had a really nice visit with our friends. It was one of the missionaries who had served in Greencastle in the late seventies. Even though we'd communicated since then, this was the first time I'd seen him since. So, it had been a very long time. Most of his kids are grown and gone but he and his wife had one daughter, a teenager with them and it was so nice to catch up. They were on their way back home after visiting grandchildren.

Megan made it over tonight and we watched a movie with her and the kids. It was nice to just all hang out together. She's been busy or not feeling well the last couple of weeks so we were all happy to see her.

Yesterday, we kind of blew off all the things we needed to do around the house and just spent time with the kids. We took them to the amusement park and let them have fun riding the rides. They love that! It was such a nice, warm day. I think it got up to nearly 85 degrees.

Rob has the next few days off so maybe we can accomplish something--or who knows, maybe we will just play. It's not often he gets to just have time off. So, we will probably just enjoy ourselves.

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