Wednesday, May 7, 2014


So grateful I took pictures and posted them of our beautiful iris because this morning we had a thundering hailstorm that really beat them up! Big frown! I couldn't believe it when I looked out and saw the hail coming down. It was really tiny. Smaller than tic tacs. But it was heavy and then all of a sudden the thunder started and clapped really loud. I had turned from the window by then and heard what I thought was a heavy rainstorm begin. Then, the kids called me back to the window to look because they said the hail had gotten worse. I couldn't believe it. What a wild morning. Just a few days ago it was 86 degrees and today it was 46 degrees. Yep, hang around for ten minutes and the weather will change!

Unfortunately, I woke up to a sick boy this morning. Jono's breathing is bad again. He was coughing so hard when he woke up that he started vomiting. Had to start him on special breathing treatments and have been going at it all day and will through the night also. He is doing somewhat better but  only because we are treating it so often. Please keep him in your prayers for us. Thanks and love to all.

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