Thursday, May 8, 2014


I learned today that spaghetti is not pasta. To be fair, I learned it from my six year old daughter who wanted me to make "Pasta" a dish she was certain she'd never had before. Pretty comical since her favorite meal is spaghetti. Lol! I kept trying to teach her that spaghetti was one of many pasta's but she stopped listening after she tired of my "wrongness." Lol. After all, it was only "mom" telling her. If it had been her best friend at school or her teacher or even Grandma it might have been true but she's reached that magic age when she often knows more than mom! Oh JOY!

I humored her and made PASTA for dinner. I made Rigatoni, shells and some kind of twisty pasta (can't think of the name at the moment) with our spaghetti sauce for dinner. That made her very happy. Then at dinner I mentioned out loud that she didn't believe spaghetti was pasta, to which Rob immediately said, "Carly, spaghetti is pasta! There are lots of kinds of pasta." And of course, once an expert on the subject had spoken she simply said, "Oh, O.K." End of questioning. Grrr.

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