Monday, August 25, 2014


Yep, that's me--head slacker. Actually, I just haven't been finding enough hours in my day to get everything done and often my blog has been the one to suffer.
Been getting kids ready for their first days of school and preschool. Seems like I've been doing another million or so things besides that as well. Anyway, it's that time! Carly's first day is finally here. She has been acting really nonchalant about it--that is until I put her to bed tonight. When I went to her room to help her pick out an outfit for morning before tucking her in tonight she was bouncing off the walls. That is the first real sign I've seen from her that she's excited and happy to be going back to school. It made me laugh.

Jono doesn't go back to pre-school until after Labor Day. He is a bit sad that he has to wait another week but I'm sure he and I can find some kind of trouble to get into in the mean time.

Julie and Megan were both here this week to celebrate birthdays. Rob's was Thursday and Jono's was today. We've had way too much sugar this week--that's for sure!

Grandma and Grandpa are doing good. Susan and her girls came up this past week to help them with some paperwork and organizing. I think they are planning to come back this week to help also.

We had a surprise birthday party yesterday for Jono. It was so funny. When his friends jumped out to surprise him, he went speechless. Hilarious reaction for the child we can never get to be quiet. Lol! It went on for ten minutes. He literally couldn't or wouldn't talk. We floored him! Hahaha! It was too funny. I said, "If I'd known this was all it took to get him to quiet down, I'd have done this a lot sooner and a lot more often! Ha!

Mama~ Overjoyed with her boy!

Happy Birthday Bubby! I love you to the moon and back!

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