Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Carly's first and second day of school went really well. She only has 2 kids in her class from last year so she is making lots of new friends. Jono had a playdate today with his friend Ellie. I had to take him there. He was so funny. He wouldn't let me get in the car or out of it until he opened the door for me. He's been watching his daddy and I guess he wants to be just like him. I love it! I am grateful my husband is such a gentleman and that Jono wants to be a gentleman too.

My sister Susan came up with her girls yesterday and helped Dad organize his paperwork. Dad had a neurologist appointment later in the afternoon. The neurologist thinks the weakness he's been experiencing in his one leg may be due to Post Polio Syndrome which is kind of what we've been thinking.

Carly had afternoon Kindergarten last year so this getting up really early to get her ready for school is a new thing and I can't say I love it. But then neither does she! Everyday when I go in to wake her up she tells me it is too early and she needs to sleep a little more. Lol! And that from my early riser! She is usually the first one up in the house! Not anymore! Hahaha!

It's been a rainy week so far and I can feel the weather starting to change. It's cooler and I think we may be shifting into Fall already. It seems a little early for it to start cooling down but it will be a nice change. It's been a really hot summer. Well, that's all I know for now. More later.

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