Saturday, April 23, 2016


Everyone here is good. We have had a few sickies over the last few weeks but hopefully everybody is well for a while now. We started having warm weather the beginning of this week. It even got up almost into the nineties. Then today we got cold air and rain back. It started freezing. It felt like Winter was starting all over again. Hoping it doesn't last too long.

The kids started track on Thursday. They have it for about 6 weeks and go a couple times a week. They almost didn't get in because it was too full. But after the first practice when some of the people didn't show up they called and told us there was room. They are both really excited to be in it. There are lots of other African American kids in it too. So, that's fun for them to be around some kids who look like them.

Grandma and Grandpa are both doing well. Grandpa is busy doing paperwork. It's that time of year. Grandma has started working on getting the flower garden in shape. It's starting to look beautiful. Lots of daffodils and tulips coming out right now.

Well, not much else to tell. Hope all is well with you. Love, Nancy

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