Sunday, September 29, 2013


Grandpa is definitely improving! He was able to walk to the bathroom pretty much on his own today. They didn't have him take a walk around the floor or anything like that but trust me when I tell you it is a pretty big miracle that he was able to walk at all! Especially when you compare that to how weak he was when we brought him into the hospital.

The docs are going to check his cultures tomorrow morning and then tell us if they are at levels that will allow us to bring him home or not. If they do send him home tomorrow, he will most likely come home with one IV but we will take him anyway he comes. I'm sure it will be more comfortable for him than the hospital.

My sister Sarah is an angel. She surprised us yesterday (her favorite thing to do) and showed up at the hospital to help. She spent the night there with Dad and then stayed until about 3 or so today before she headed back to Idaho so she could work Monday. She is so great to come and help anytime there is a concern.

So, funny story--the hospital rewarded her for her good deed by paving her car in the parking lot. Lol. She went out to leave and found that her car was one of 3 or 4 in a lot they paved Sunday. They didn't give anyone fair warning. No signs to say don't park here. No one came around to the rooms and asked people to move their cars--they just paved around the cars and then put up these tall orange and white standards and orange plastic ribbon and strapped those cars in!

Sarah called my cell phone a few minutes after I walked her down to the first floor and told me she was trapped. I told her I'd be right down. I walked down and went out to her car with her. We both laughed and then I just walked up and tore the plastic ribbon and moved the cones. She looked at me like "Crap, are we gonna get in trouble?" Actually, I think that's what she said. Anyway, I didn't care. You don't do that to people. I assisted with the renovation of a 400,000 plus square foot building with a couple of major parking lots that were affected when I worked on a major campus. There are protocols to follow when you are going to do something like this--especially if it involves a public parking lot! Gee willakers people!

See the lighter parking space--that's where Sarah's car was. And as you can see there are other cars blocked in the lot as well. This is before I put the standards back in place.

Anyway--after I let my baby sis out. I put their standards right back in place and tied their orange plastic ribbon back in a knot. I figured that would give the next person/car a hint at how to get out. Lol!

Not a fancy knot but it did the trick! Lol!

Check out how many cars they've blocked in these lots!
 Oh yah, when I walked back in the hospital there was a security guard at the reception desk facing the parking lot. He had just sat down. I said, "Hi, how are you?" He said, "Fine, how are you?" And I kept walking. I think he just missed my heroic rescue! Ha! Lucky him-- O.K . . . or me!
My sisters and I are brave in different areas--I wouldn't do some of the things she'd do. The other night when they weren't helping us real fast at the hospital, I was texting back and forth with her and grumbling about it and said I wished she was there to handle it. She wrote me back and said "You know it, I'd be there kicking butts and taking names!" And she would, too!Lol! I'm pretty sure that's why she showed up--to make sure nobody was mistreating our Daddy!

So, just for clarification--Don't block my sisters in or you have to deal with me--and don't mistreat my parents in the hospital--or I will sick my baby sister on you! Get it, Got it--Good. (Oh--just kidding--kind of.) :) Well, that's your daily dose.

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