Friday, September 27, 2013


So, tonight was Carly's final soccer game. Wow, we thought last night was cold! Brrr. Last night was a sauna compared to tonight. It was 49 degrees out there with biting winds blowing. I layered the kids and did a little layering myself but I should have put heavy coats and gloves on us and brought a heavy blanket to wrap around us. It was really cold--even Rob complained and he never complains about it being cold.

Jono and I went and sat in our van for about 10 minutes during the first quarter and then about halfway through the second quarter he and I packed it in for good. Daddy braved it and stayed to the end but Jono and I couldn't take anymore of the biting winds.

It's too bad, though because Carly was playing great and I really wanted to watch her. I did get a few pictures early on, though. Carly's team had a bunch of go-getters on it this year. They were really fun to be play with, too and had such great sportsmanship.

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