Friday, September 6, 2013


Yesterday Carly said, "Mom, Can you buy me an app? I was a little surprised to have my five year old asking me for an electronic application but I recovered  quickly and said, "What's an app, Carly?" She said, "I don't know but can I have it?" Oh my goodness--the commercial marketing during kiddie cartoons is out of control! They are trying to sell our toddlers and Kindergartners apps! Really?! Holy cow!

On a more positive note--I have a really heartwarming story to tell about something that happened at soccer tonight. I am always worried about how my little ones are going to be treated in this world that can sometimes be a little cruel and unfair. My mamma bear instincts are always on high alert for just that reason.

Tonight Carly had a soccer game and she was supposed to have her team photo taken right before the game started. We were supposed to be there fifteen minutes early the game. We did Jonathon's last night with no problem. Tonight, it just felt like one thing after another combined against us and we ended up being almost ten minutes late. Long story short--we got there just after they finished our team photo. The girls and coach were already walking away from the photo booth toward the field we were to play on. We still headed to the booth to get her individual picture taken but knew we had lost the opportunity for her group one as there were hundreds of kids there for group photos and they didn't have time to do retakes. It is a city kid's league. However, we had only been waiting a moment or so for Carly's individual photo to be taken when her five adorable teammates marched back up to the Coach, who was waiting with us near the photographer and said "We need to have our team picture retaken because Carly wasn't in it. We need our whole team in it." I FELL IN LOVE WITH THOSE LITTLE GIRLS AT THAT MOMENT. And because they all came together and were insistent they had to have their whole team in their picture the photographer re-took their photo and was very nice about it. I don't know many five year old'swith that level of maturity and caring--and they were not being prompted or coached by anyone. They did it on their own.

Afterwards, I thanked them and told them I was so proud of them for being so sweet and kind. A couple of them piped up and said, "We're a team--we do things together. We play together--that's why we keep winning!" This mom had tears in her eyes watching all this play out -- and for quite awhile after. This mom has a grateful heart for some very thoughtful, kind little girls.

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Shelli Sivert said...

I love that story! And I love those little girls, too! This is so wonderfully heartwarming. Carly should tell about it and send it into "The Friend." Aw, my feel good moment of the day.