Thursday, September 26, 2013


This has been a busy week. We've had a ton going on around here. Luckily Rob is off this week and around to help, though. Jono had his last soccer game tonight and was such a little star! He made 3 goals -- one that he pretty much drove in all by himself!

He had such a great coach this year--one that had a ton of energy and kept the boys enthused about the game and what they were doing. They all got medals at the end tonight and were pretty excited about that. Instead of just giving them the medals his coach gathered them all together and had made up awards for each of them. Jono's was for being one of the speediest on the field. He really is a fast little guy when he wants to be.

It's been fun watching he and Carly play this year but I am glad the season is over. Carly's last game is tomorrow night and not a minute too soon. As you can see, we had too really bundle Jono up to play. It was really cold! Plus, it had rained most of the day on top of the cold!

Grandma and Grandpa have been on a little trip. They are on their way back now, so when they arrive home I will get their report and tell you all about it. Hope all is well for you and yours!

Daddy and Jono
Mommy's handsome princes

Jono's team "The Sharks" getting some
direction from Coach Crockett

The Coach with his Sharks

Jono gets his medal from Coach Crockett

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