Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Jono had a great time at preschool this morning . We weren't there long but it was long enough for him to make some friends and have a good time. He starts regularly on Thursday and will go two days a week. Carly went back to school, too today and loved it. Nikki and I helped put together homework packets for about an hour for one of the Kindergarten teachers. Then when we got the kids home it was time to do homework with them. I can actually keep up with Kindergarten homework! Yay! Lol!

It is still pretty warm here. The kids have soccer games the next few nights and pictures with their teams Here's to hoping it doesn't rain anymore -- at least until pictures are over!

Tashie got out and rolled in something really smelly today so we had to giver her a bath. It was not fun, but she sure smelled good afterward and was really soft, too. She actually even stayed in the tub for us and didn't try to jump out, either--until we were done and I told her too.

Well, better get them some treats and gt myself in bed. It's nearly 3:00 a. m. -- Night all!

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