Saturday, September 21, 2013


Our Mamma dog Sadie lost 42 lbs today. I am exaggerating of course. She only looks like she lost 42 lbs. We took her to be groomed and had her shaved to the lowest possible level. She is half Lab and half Collie, heavy on the Collie--and when she blows her coat, she really blows. We were all starting to look like we had fur so we gave up rolling ourselves with sticky rollers and broke down and had her shaved.

Now don't feel sorry for her. It may seem funny but she actually LOVES being shaved! She sleeps on the tile floor in the summer because she is so hot and in the winter we have a hard time getting her to come in when she goes out to do her business because she likes to take extra time to snow-bathe. That's what I call her habit of just lying in the snow and soaking up the cold. This puppy puts out a lot of heat! She is running around the house tonight with a ton of energy compared to what she normally does.

I call her the Mamma dog because she is a year older than our other dog, Tashie. She takes good care of Tashie. She cleans her face, ears and keeps her fur nice and soft. Tashie -- lets her. That's my way of saying Tashie does not return the favor. She is definitely the puppy in the relationship.

The first time we had Sadie shaved we were stunned when we picked her up because she is a tri-color dog and when her fur is shaved she becomes this muted tan. We didn't know that all of her color comes out in the longer hair. If we hadn't recognized her face and personality, we wouldn't have believed she was our dog.

So skipping forward to today -- something funny happened when we picked Sadie up. We warned the kids she would look really different and they might not recognize her. The clerk asked for our name and our dog's name and then went in the back to get her. She was gone for a few minutes and then sure enough, came back with a dog NONE of us recognized! She came out with this roly-poly little dachsund. She did bring Sadie--she just brought the wrong Sadie! Apparently they had two Sadie's to groom today at the same time and she hadn't checked to make sure she had our name right. Lol! Of course, we had the kids believing for a moment or two that our Sadie had shrunk and changed that much! Hahaha! Too funny!

I took some before and after pictures of Sadie today so I could let you see the difference. Here's our naked mamma dog. Lol!

Sadie just before her grooming appointment
Sadie just after her grooming appointment

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