Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today was a really beautiful day. The temperature was up in the sixties. After church - and after nap we took a walk with the kids, well, they rode their bikes, we walked. We went to visit a nice lady in our ward who was recently widowed. When we got there she had several visitors, most of whom we knew so we just joined the crowd. She seemed to really be enjoying the company and was especially glad to see the kids. They have really taken to her and so she spoils them. She got a bunch of toys out for them and they played while the adults talked. It was a fun diversion on a Sunday evening.

We came home and I fixed homemade strawberry shortcake with some gorgeous fresh strawberries I picked up yesterday. We watched a couple of short movies and then we crashed (or are about to.) Lol.

Hope you had a nice Sunday--and do have a wonderful week!

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