Saturday, April 20, 2013


I called and checked on my friend again today. I am an hour away from her so it's not like I can just run over to her house and keep watch for a few hours--though, believe me it would make me feel better. She told me she has a lot of people keeping an eye out for her. I know that is probably true but I am still really worried about her being alone in her home.

I tried to talk her into getting a dog. Although, I wasn't the first. Some of her grandchildren had already been trying to talk her into it. They had promised to completely train the dog for her, as did I. She's had dogs before but she just doesn't want to deal with a new animal right now. I just know statistics are somewhere in the mid-nineties that if you have a barking dog burglars are less likely to pick your home to rob. When I lived on my own I always had a dog--a big one--that barked LOUD. Lol!

When I talked to her last time, the police had offered to park a cruiser in her driveway over the weekend. Today she told me they had changed their mind, that instead they wanted to catch the guys. Wait--let me get this straight, they think it is a good idea to use my 83 year old friend as . . . bait? Really guys? That makes me want to knock some police heads together! They told her they are watching her 24/7 - but I gotta tell you I have a hard time believing they are watching her home--for a small time criminal--around the clock. Even if they are, how long do you think they will be able to afford that in this economy? Yah--see my point. C''mon, just park the darn police cruiser and scare off the the idiot criminals, Sarge!!! You can play "007 or Sergeant Friday" with some college student crime victim but please don't do it with my dear sweet friend who is a Grandmother! It's too risky!

One last thing, if you don't have locks on your windows, get them--or at the very least--go to the hardware store and buy some dowels you can put in the tracks to keep someone from easily opening them while you are sleeping or away. Yes, I realize they could just break the windows but usually they won't do that--they will just move on to a house that's easier to get into. Also, be sure to check all your doors and lock all the locks. If you have a sliding glass door, get a long dowel for that track, too. Do whatever you can to protect yourself and your home--before trouble strikes.

Oh, and the police re-iterated with her today to NEVER, EVER let anyone in your home that you do not know. If someone comes and asks to use your phone, if they tell you they had an accident or are injured--tell them you will make the call for them--hopefully behind a locked screen door, or ask them to go to a neighbors house. If friends visit often, ask them to call ahead and let you know they are coming so you can be certain you know the person at your door before you open it.

Please pass these tips on--especially to any elderly people you know. God bless and keep safe!

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