Friday, April 12, 2013


Jono is not a really big eater and we are constantly having to plead, beg, cajole and bribe him to eat anything that is not made of sugar. One of our most successful ways is to tell him he needs to eat such and such if he wants to be big and strong. It doesn't always work but it has gotten an occasional meal down his throat.

Last night, he had about two inches of a sandwich that was actually leftover from lunch and it was all I was trying to get him to eat at dinner. He had turned down spaghetti and a really great chicken salad. So, I was just trying to get this sandwich down him and he had only taken a teeny-weeny bite and told me he was full. There was no way I was going to let that happen. I kept at him but he just kept playing around and picking at his food.

Soon Carly had finished her spaghetti and wanted to be excused so, of course, he wanted to be excused too. I tried and tried to get him to eat but he wouldn't. Finally, Rob told him he could leave the table but he needed to understand he wasn't going to get any other food tonight until he ate the sandwich. (Usually, after dinner, they decide they want snacks--and Grandma and Grandpa's place is just downstairs and they are easy marks for snacks, i.e. candy, gum, cookies, chips, etc.) Grandma came up the stairs about that time and we told her he couldn't have anything if he came down. It upset him that we told Grandma not to give him any snacks, so I think he thought he'd be able to get around our rule. He stayed at the table for a few minutes and gave it some serious thought, but then decided to be done anyway and left his sandwich at the table.

I was cleaning up and doing dishes about a half hour later when Carly came and asked if I would make some cookies. I told her not tonight. She really wanted something sweet and I remembered we had some M&M's so I told her she could have a few of those. Jono heard and, of course wanted some, too. I reminded him of his sandwich. He was not happy--but after a bit of a tussle went over to the table and sat down to eat it--or so I thought. A couple of minutes later he brought me his plate and his sandwich with a big Cheshire grin on his face and wanted me to throw the sandwich away. Somehow, his little ham sandwich had found it's way in and out of Carly's glass of Raspberry Lemonade and was a pink, soggy mess. He was pretty proud of himself and seemed to think this would be the end of his ham sandwich and the start of him getting some M&M's. Oh how this cute little boy underestimated his Mama.

I will tell you that a soggy subway roll, mayonnaise, sliced ham and raspberry lemonade all mushed together does not look very appetizing. I cannot tell you how it tastes. Jonathon will have to tell you that. I let him eat it slowly and I did give him a choice. I told him he could go to bed or he eat it and still have his M&M's. (I didn't say it was a great choice! lol!) Although, he did choose to eat it. He had to re-think it after every bite--I think he was trying to decide if those M&M's were really worth it or not. Ha! It was only about 5 or 6 small bites and he only gagged once. Somehow, I think this cured him of his desire to be creative with his food. I don't think he will make this concoction again, at least not in the near future. Nor do I think he will try to outwit me--at least for awhile. OK, I can at least hope, right?! :)

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