Tuesday, April 9, 2013


One of our neighbors who is on the CERT team (Civil Emergency Response Training = or something like that) called last night to warn us that we were going to have winds up to 75 mph overnight and to be sure to tie down anything loose in the yard or put it away. He also suggested we not put out the trash cans for the trash man until this morning so they wouldn't be flying all over the neighborhood. It was a good thing he called because I hadn't watched the news and hadn't heard anything about the weather change.

I didn't ever hear any wind through the night but when I opened the door this morning to go put the trash out I got the surprise of my life. It was 28 degrees. I was stunned. It's been in the mid to upper 60's here for quite some time. Unbelievable. Later in the day, the sun came out and it looked really nice out, so Jono asked me if he could go play. I opened the door to check and nearly froze. So I glanced at the temperature--it was 38 degrees. Wow. What a drastic change. My tulips were just budding. This dumb freeze better not have killed them or I'm going to be very, very unhappy!

Rob came home tonight. He had driven to Wyoming today and told me the roads were nasty. He had run into snow, ice and 16 degree weather. Is it or is it not nearly the middle of APRIL? Where is Al Gore -- somebody get him and find out what happened to global warming, would you because this is messed up?! :)

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