Sunday, April 14, 2013


Rob and I were walking out of Walmart the other day when the cashier came running after us and asked us if the papers she had in her hand were something we'd dropped. It turned out they were some really important papers that had been in my purse. I was so glad she caught us! It might have been some time before I'd realized they were gone and wouldn't have known where to start backtracking.

Anyway, when she caught us I was in the middle of telling Rob how forgetful I'd been about stuff lately and how much it was bugging me. She handed me the papers and I went to put them in my purse and started checking my purse to see if I'd dropped anything else. Then, I realized my wallet wasn't in there either. I stopped in my tracks and said, "Rob, my wallet isn't here. I've lost my wallet, too. We have to go back!" I guess I started to get a little over excited (as I think anyone might do when their wallet disappears) because Rob started talking to me in his really calming, paternal voice--right before he took ahold of my left arm and pulled it up in front of my face to show me my wallet was in my hand. Oh my goodness! How embarrassing! S-O-M-E-O-N-E M-A-K-E I-T S-T-O-P!!!

Tell me there is an end to Mental Pause or whatever is going on in/with my brain--or not going on with it--as the case may be! I won't even mention all the other dumb stunts I've pulled recently because then I would have to kill you. Let me just say--they are the kind of things that are fun for others to laugh at and not so much fun for me. Gah! OK, I admit it--I did laugh a little at this one after I got over my relief that my wallet was found. Hee, hee! Yay-- My wallet was found! Lol!  OK, Night all.

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