Thursday, April 25, 2013


Kaye had a quiet night Wednesday night and not much changed throughout the day Thursday. They did a spinal tap but we didn't hear back on the results yet. We are still hopeful and prayerful things will turn out alright.

I took the kids to their first playgroup since last fall. It's the first time it's been warm enough for the playgroups to meet outdoors. They had a blast! It was nice spending time with the other moms too.
We met at a local park so the kids could have a playground to play on and as a bonus this one also had ducks to feed. I forgot to bring extra bread to feed the ducks so my two sacrificed their sandwiches and potato chips for the ducks. I'm sure they were so thrilled. (eye roll) Lol!

Just spent some time getting things done around the house tonight. It was kind of nice to have Rob home and just all be together.

Take care and have a great Friday and a lovely weekend!

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