Monday, April 29, 2013


There isn't a lot new to tell on my Aunt Kaye. The progress is slow but she is still making it. They took her feeding tube out today and I believe they took her breathing tube out as well (but don't quote me on that one.) Her throat is pretty sore so she whispers still. She is still very weak but we are grateful for every hint of progress she makes.

Grandma and Grandpa got out for a little bit today. Grandpa had a dentist appointment and then they ran some errands and did some shopping.

I spent most of the day either chasing kids or paperwork (paying bills or filing them). I hate paper! Then after naps and dinner I took the kids to the park to play for awhile. They had a lot of fun. Then when we got home the neighbor kids were here waiting for them to play on the backyard swing set with them. They were quite popular had today--and they didn't mind a bit! 

The weather is really nice right now. It is mid-sixties to seventies with just a light wind. Perfect.

More later.

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