Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I actually got up early this morning to do my workout! As much as I hate getting up early in the morning, I must admit I do feel better when I get my workout over with early in the day. There is something about having it behind me that just makes my day better. Rob has an early morning tomorrow so I am going to try really hard to make it two days in a row. Cross my fingers!

I had company most of the day today. We have some friends here from out of town and they were over today doing some laundry and hanging out. I fixed lunch and we just chatted. Tonight they took us to dinner. We went to an Asian buffet and it was pretty good. Rob and I tend to judge Chinese/Asian places by their Hot and Sour soup. So, if I were going to judge based on theirs I would give it an 85 out of 100. Like I said, pretty good! I have found a few recipes for Hot and Sour over the years but never one that was any good. Therefore I am stuck finding great restaurants that make really great Hot and Sour soup. Please feel free to tell me about any you know--anywhere!

Megan, our second daughter, turns 26 tomorrow (Thursday). It doesn't seem like she can really be that age but sure enough she is! Time flies--boy does it ever! Happy Birthday Megs! Hope you have a wonderful day! I love you!

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Happy birthday, Megan. Nancy's friend Char