Sunday, April 14, 2013


The weather here (and probably where you are) has been tricky lately. It's especially tricky when you are 3 and 5 years old and wake up in the morning and see the beautiful sun shining and want to run outside and play! You certainly don't understand when Mommy tells you it's too cold outside! You absolutely, for certain don't believe her! That would be crazy since you can see for yourself that it is a beautiful day! Mommy is obviously CRAZY!!

So, as soon as she is looking the other way, you put on your shoes and socks (don't bother with clothes-pj's will do) and head out to the swing set!  Darn! Caught again! Gotta get my MAD ON!!!

Seriously, this has been a constant fight for the past week or so at my house! It has looked gorgeous outside and the temps have been in the thirties! I am sad to say it will continue for the next two or three days as we await another snowstorm in the MIDDLE OF APRIL! C'MON Mr. Weatherman, give us a break!!!

Seriously though, today after naps we had promised the kids they could go out and swing while it was still light . They had been begging us. It was around 35 degrees. It took me ten minutes to bundle them up in their snow clothes so they would be warm enough to be outside. They lasted less than 3 minutes before they were frozen. Gah! Will they remember that in the morning when they are begging again? Not a chance! So, just in case you are wondering--this is one of the many hundreds of thousands of reasons why a mother's work is never done! Lol!

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