Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today, I noticed a post on one of the social media sites from a friend of mine distressed that her 3 year old was having trouble potty training. It was the second time in a matter of days he'd done something frustrating. The first time she'd found her cell phone in a puddle of his urine. This morning, she'd given him a donut and some juice and a few minutes later found his donut urine soaked. It does make you want to laugh but I do feel for her.

I started to write a couple of suggestions for her--but then I thought better of it. I mean, this is her fourth child to potty train--and I am only on my second. I considered that and deleted what I had started writing. Jonathon is daytime potty trained but not night time yet. Instead, I just wrote a note letting her know I sympathized.

I was really glad I'd decided not to give any potty training advice a few minutes later when Carly yelled from the dining room and said, "Mommy, Jono just pottied on the wall and into the doggy dish!"

Holy Crap! Are you kidding me? He's never done anything like that before--- THAT I KNOW OF?! All of the sudden, I feel the need to check the entire house--and yet, I am afraid to.

Trust me though, there is a child in this house who has been threatened within an inch of his life that there is only one place in this house he'd better go from now on!

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