Monday, April 8, 2013


I had one of those "feel sorry for myself" days today--at least for most of the day. My friend Jane calls them "No skin" days--referring to days when you feel completely vulnerable to the world. It took me years to get my weight down and under control--and now that I'm over the proverbial hill, my metabolism has changed and I am having to fight so hard to keep my weight in check. It has thrown me a curve I wasn't expecting and it is frustrating the life out of me--to the point that it's gotten downright depressing.

My solution to being tempted by the remaining leftover Easter candy and dessert in the house this morning was to eat it -- so it would be gone! OK, I did share it with the kids--but you know in hindsight, it really wasn't the best plan for someone trying to keep their weight in check. It's funny how I couldn't see that when those goodies were sitting right in front of me screaming "EAT ME NOW!!!" And yet as soon as they slid down my throat they starts to say "Wow, we can't believe you did that. We're gonna put 5 lbs on you--right smack on your hips!! No Mercy!" Their tone was much more sinister after I ate them than before! People, let me warn you right now--YOU CANNOT TRUST GOODIES THAT CALL TO YOU! JUST SAY NO!!

OK, back to my serious side. Thank goodness for my hubby who loves me no matter how many pounds I fluctuate or how many candies or baked goods I talk or listen to. Lol! He came home from work just in time to catch me in a real funk. I told him what was wrong and we talked it through. Mostly, he told me how much he loved me and that it didn't matter to him how much I weigh. (You gotta love a man like that!) Which only makes me more determined to be my best for him. I surrendered the cookie jar (just kidding) and got on the treadmill and did my five miles and a few other exercises. That was enough to kick in my endorphins and get me back to where I need to be. This may be a struggle but it is one I am going to win. Old age may not be for sissies, but then I ain't never been no sissy!


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