Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today has been kind of a frazzling day--and sad--a sad and frazzling day. My Aunt Kaye is not making progress. In fact, she worsened today. They had to intubate her and put in a feeding tube and her breathing isn't good, either. She has had only a waking moments since they got her to the hospital. The doctors are fairly certain she has suffered a stroke and feel this may not be the first one.

Her son David did make it there from Florida today--so that is a good thing. He flew in first thing this morning. 

We spent a good part of the day making plans to head to Illinois tomorrow but after talking with my cousin Ronda tonight and we realized it was probably not the best decision. So, even though the signs aren't looking good at the moment not good now we continue to pray that somehow she will come out of this.

We love you Kaye. We are thinking of you and hoping for the best. We love all of you and are praying with you!

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