Monday, December 10, 2012



So, I walked in the kid's bathroom tonight to find Jono on his tippy toes spraying his urine across the top of the toilet seat, hitting the lid and basically making one giant mess. "NO! Buddy, No!" I yelled, "What are you doing? You're not tall enough to pee this way yet!" "Yes, I am Momma, I a big boy!" He didn't hesitate one moment to defend himself and he stood (literally) his ground. I couldn't budge him. All I could do was clean up the mess. We discussed (argued) back and forth for a few minutes but I finally gave up after Rob came by and reminded him that he had to stand on a step-stool if he were going to attempt that little feat.

I'd asked Rob a few weeks ago when the appropriate time was to teach him standing vs. sitting as I didn't want him to be doing "it" differently than other kids his age when he gets to school. I did, however, think we could wait until he was tall enough to see over the toilet bowl. (Okay kidding. He is that tall.) But, you'd think we could have waited just a bit longer. After Rob suggested the step-stool Jono insisted on continuing to try so I worked with him for twenty minutes. "Aim, buddy aim."

It's not going to help, is it? I'm just going to have to make him clean the bathroom himself, right? Just tell me now, Mom's. I can take it. Really, I can. I mean, we may never be able to use it as a guest bathroom but . . . Oh man, what is wrong with guys? They can learn to be sharp shooters but they can't hit a huge toilet bowl. C'mon! My little man is going to practice, practice, practice! Lol! Poor kid. :)

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Kari said...

I think my mom threw Cheerios into the toilet and told the boys to try to sink them... Hope it helps!