Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I don't know why I bother to make a "To do" list anymore. You would think I would have figured out by now that motherhood is three steps forward and two steps back. That's how my days go. Seems like even on days when I get up raring to go and charge out of the gate something sends me flying backwards. Today, it started with my neighbor who had a fender bender and needed a ride to take her car in. I thought that would be simple enough but the place we took it was at one end of our city and then she needed a ride to pick up a loaner car and that was clear at the other end of a neighboring city. I really didn't mind taking her and I know she would do the same for me in an instant, it's just these little time consuming things that eat up a day before you know it. By the time I got back it was time to start lunch.

Rob was out of town today for work. He sometimes travels long distances and comes back the same day. That's what he did today. He got in late this evening and we had both had long days--me with whiny kids and him with a long, tiring drive. It was actually nice that the kids were almost ready for bed when he came in. We let them get candy from the train and brush their teeth and then put them in bed. Now it's our turn. Yay! Hopefully, we will get more done tomorrow than we did today! Or, if not, maybe it doesn't matter that much anyway. After all, who's keeping score?  ;)

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