Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Can it be that Christmas is only a week away? I can hardly believe it. Worse yet, my to do list is too long for it to only be a week away. I had better figure out a way to add some speed to my game or I'm in trouble!

I did manage to let the kids have a play date this morning and still get most of the house fairly clean, finish laundry and get a few other things on my list done. That was pretty big. Tonight, Rob's brother came over and we got Chinese food and watch A Christmas Story together. It was pretty funny. We'd never seen it before. I mean, we'd never seen the whole movie. Through the years it's been on the television and we have caught little bits and pieces of it but we had never sat down and watched it. It wasn't one I thought I would enjoy from the little bits I'd seen but I was wrong. I actually liked it.

We have had a storm watch in place for the last several days. We were supposed to get lots of snow but we haven't seen ANY. It's been cloudy and we've had little bits of moisture but no sign of any measurable snow. It is pretty cold out. It's only 29 degrees right now. Brrr.

Grandma will be turning 29 again on Sunday. We are having a big family get together to celebrate on Saturday. Sarah and her family are driving from Idaho and Susan and her family will here also. Feel free to call and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Well, that's about all the news from here! Hope you are closer to ready than I am!

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