Sunday, December 9, 2012


We spent the day out shopping and trying to get ready for Christmas. So much to do still. There are crowds everywhere and all I can think is why, why, why are all these people in my way?! Why didn't you finish your shopping earlier so this time would be free for just me? Lol! Kidding-of course. Near the end of the evening we decided to come home and take a chance of finding some of the things we were looking for online--so we didn't have to stay caught up in all the bustle with everyone else.

It was snowing by then and just seemed a better idea than hanging out in long lines in the cold weather. So here we are - shopping from the warmth and coziness of our home and computer. I even have time to blog now. Yay!

I got the CD of our JCPenney shots from September in yesterday and just got them loaded. You've seen several of them before but they've done some cute vignettes with them so I am going to put a couple of those up tonight.

Anyway, here they are~enjoy!  Now back to cyber shopping for me!

    Mom & Carly           Dad & Julie             Julie & Mom       Dad & Jono

    Carly & Jono  Daddy & Carly    Carly, Julie    Mom & Jono   Dad &Mom
                                                          & Jono

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