Sunday, December 9, 2012


We woke up to beautiful snow this morning. It's only really beautiful when you know you aren't planning to leave the house so you don't have to shovel it. Lol! There were too many sore throats around here today to go to church. (Luckily none of the victims of sore throats were Grandma or Grandpa.)

The snow wasn't too deep either, probably and inch and a half or two inches--just deep enough to cover the ground and the trees and look lovely! The dogs always get an extra burst of energy when it's snowing. They like to act like snow plows so they were out the door fast this morning and running around the yard like someone had lit them wound them up.

Well, since we didn't go anywhere or do anything I don't have much to report. All is well here except for a few sickies--and we are trying to keep the illnesses to a bare minimum. We aren't letting any kidlings out in the snow and they can't play with friends until they are better. (Such mean parents!)

Have a great week! Ta Ta for now!

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