Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Rob and I tried something new last night~almost revolutionary for us. We got in bed, lights out, before 10:30 at night. Really, I can't think of a time since the kids were born, other than when one of us was sick that we have gone to bed that early~especially at the same time. I actually woke up this morning almost rested. It was an unbelievable feeling. We liked it so much we have been racing around getting the kids down tonight and I am now hurrying to get my blog done so we can do it again tonight.

Grandma has been wrapping Christmas presents today. She and Grandpa have had quite the little workshop going here. They've been cranking out Christmas cards like no one's business. Now they are busily getting Christmas bought and wrapped. I keep expecting to see elves helping them.

We had snow at the end of last week but it is all gone now. The kids were sad to see it go. They wanted me to make some snow ice cream for them and it started to melt before we got any made so they are really hoping there will be a big storm again soon. I'm hoping maybe Santa will ride in on it and it will only last long enough to get him here and gone.

It's finals time at the university. That means we will soon have our Julie home with us for a few days. The kids will be so happy to have "Doolie" home! She is going to stay and work for a few days after finals but will come home for several days during Christmas. That will put some big smiles on some little kids faces!

Well, better go for now. I'm nine minutes late and hubby is going to start snoring without me if I don't hurry! Lol!

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