Sunday, December 2, 2012


Ah well, all good things must come to an end. So ends Rob's vacation - if we can call it that. He spent most of the week recovering from dental surgery or working around the house but it was so nice to have him home. I am one of those wives that truly loves having her husband around. We are going to miss him while he is at work this week. Although, it might seem like a bit of a break to him after all he got accomplished this past week.

Today after church (and after we all had a nap) we put up our Christmas tree. It was fun to see how excited the kids were to do it. This year they were much more able to help than in past years--although, I do admit it did get a bit tedious after awhile watching them put the ornaments on the same few branches ever so slowly. I kept trying to get them to fan out and put them on more of the tree but they seemed to have a cluster mentality--especially Jono. Carly was the same last year. It's hard when you know you could finish in ten minutes what is taking them an hour to do but you don't want to take the joy out of it for them.

We still need to put the train under the tree. That's been a tradition in Rob's family for years and the kids love it. So, hopefully tomorrow night we will get that done. They always put candy in the train cars and run them each night until Christmas and each child gets to choose 2 pieces of candy a night. With the candy being in the train, we've had to fence off the tree area so the dogs and toddlers wouldn't get to it without us knowing about it. Last year Jono kept sneaking behind the fence and knocking over the train and all the villages and people and stealing candy when no one was looking. He's no dummy; that's for sure--and he has a wicked sweet tooth just like his mommy!

We had some high winds here today. As far as I know they didn't cause any damage but they did get up to 35-45 mph. It was a good time to stay inside. We had rain start in tonight and it's gotten a bit colder --in the upper 40's. It's actually stayed pretty nice here the last little while and I think it is supposed to continue to be fairly warm (for Winter) for the next little while. It's been nice enough the last week or so the kids have been able to go out and play on the swing-set in the back yard and they have been loving it. It seems kind of strange for December.

Well, better get to bed. More later.

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