Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Rob is on vacation this week and it is so nice to have him around the house. We stayed home today and with the weather it was a good decision. We have 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground right now and it is still coming, although, it has slowed quite a bit. We need to get out tomorrow to do a few things so hopefully the roads will be clear by then.

We've enjoyed having Julie home for a few days. She is working on campus so even though school is not back in session yet, she has to go back tomorrow. The kids are going to be really sad about that. They have loved having her home. Julie has been helping Carly make jewelry tonight from a "Hello Kitty" jewelry kit she got for Christmas. Well, "helping" was generous. Julie has actually been the one making the jewelry. Carly's contribution has been to model it and wear it around. Although, she is really cute about it! She is such a girly-girl. Lol!

We've all been playing with our Christmas toys, wearing our new clothes, reading new books and playing games we received. We definitely enjoyed our Christmas. We also tried hard not to lose sight of the real reason we celebrate the season. We remember our Savior's birth and his life on this earth. We shared those stories with our little ones and tried to help them see a clear difference between the celebration of our Savior's birth and Santa Claus. We hope we made a dent.

Christmas morning with everyone was fun and we have some pictures to prove it. Here are a few of them:

Can I help you open that Grandpa?

Hey everyone, like my new hat and chair?!

Our tree, village and train track

Yes Mom, I dressed myself. What's wrong?

Hello Kitty, Big Sis, Batman

Batman with his morning snack

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