Friday, December 21, 2012


Lucky for me I am almost done! We found out today that Jonathon loves to be pushed through a parking lot in a speeding shopping cart. Rob was in a crazy mood tonight while we were out shopping. We put Jono in the shopping cart in the parking lot and then Carly and I took off walking for the door. Pretty soon behind us we heard this cart racing toward us and the best giggles ever! Daddy and son seemed to be having a blast. They would run for a bit and then stop and then run some more and stop. Rob was just revving Jono's little engine. They were both a bit wild. Carly and I weren't totally sure we wanted to hang out with such a rowdy bunch but they were both so handsome we decided we would. Lol! Well, at least our Christmas shopping was fun today. Hope yours was too!

P.S. We are starting the countdown to Grandma's birthday tomorrow! We are having the family party at our house with everyone and then after they go we are just going to keep the party going until the 24th (Grandma's actual birthday!) Give her a call and wish her a Happy Birthday anytime!

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