Saturday, December 15, 2012


A little a bit ago I heard my three year old, Jonathon, crying with a cry I've learned he only does when he is really hurt. His cry got louder as he ran from his room and jumped into my arms and with tears told me what had happened. As he was crying, I asked him if I could kiss the spot where he got hurt. He shook his head "yes" as tears rolled down his face. I bent my face down and kissed the spot where he'd hurt himself and he instantly stopped crying. If you're a mom or a dad -- or even if you've spent much time with little kids, you've done this for one of them. It's one of those miraculous healing moments. It makes everything in the world better. One minute . . . they are devastated and the next they are off to play again.

As I had that moment with Jonathon, I had a thought come over me. I imagined the scenario yesterday at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. I imagined the terror, pain and devastation, not only of the little children~but of the big ones--for aren't we all children really? (We are HIS children.) I saw the horror, pain, confusion and incredible sadness ~ and then in my mind's eye, just as an earthly parent would~ I saw our Heavenly Father gathering up each one of His injured, dying children~ and tenderly holding them safely in His arms . . . comforting them and making it all better so they could be off to do whatever it is they have gone on to the next life to do. I know they are all in a peace-filled, love-filled place where they will never have to face this kind of terror again.

Even as I write, I have to remember that the shooter is our Father in Heaven's child, too. While what he did was horrible and evil, I believe our Father in Heaven loves him and expects us to forgive him. I did not say it would be easy. He took so many lives and stole so much innocence from this world. Yet, I do not know what demons he had to deal with in his life. I was not given his specific trials and don't know how I would have handled them if they had been mine. I am going to make an effort to pray not only for his victims, among whom are his family, but for him as well. 

I pray our world will get more peaceful, but I believe we are only going to have to learn how to love and forgive in a world that is becoming increasingly more angry and violent. I believe moments and places such as these filled with tragedy, where our hearts, faith and true Christianity are challenged can eventually, if we are faithful, prove to be the most rewarding experiences for our soul. God Bless . . .

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