Friday, December 7, 2012


We took the kids to see Santa tonight and then grabbed a bite to eat. They loved Santa and Jonathon wasn't the teeniest bit shy. He walked right up and talked to him and got on his lap. Carly was a little bit shy but didn't hold back too much. I don't think either one asked for much. Jonathon only asks for candy and Carly told me she asked him for one thing. Of course, it was the last thing she'd seen on a commercial on the cartoon channel. She asks "ME" for everything she sees on every commercial on the kiddy channels. In fact, earlier in the day she asked me if she "could have that" and I said "What is it?" and she said, "I don't know but it's on the TV right now!" Lol! Sheesh!

After Santa and dinner we ran a few errands. At the last store we went to, I distracted Rob by accidentally spilling his drink as he was getting out of the car and he locked the keys in the car. It was not a good thing. We lost the second set of keys to our car a while back and haven't had a new set made yet. Gah! Had NO idea what we were going to do but he sent me and the kids on into the store and said he'd try to figure something out. I was thinking we might have to call a locksmith or the police -- or at the worst be there for hours. Rob appeared within a few minutes later and retrieved a flashlight I had in my purse and told me he still didn't know how he was going to get them out but needed to see if he could see them. In under five minutes he found me again in the store with the car keys in his hands. I couldn't believe it! When he told me how he did it I was dumbfounded.

He said he had the keys to his work vehicle in his pocket and went out to our car and tried putting the door key of his work vehicle in the driver's side door of our car--no luck. It wouldn't open. He said a prayer. He decided to try it on the passenger door. He tried it again--and voila--it opened. (He told me he said a big  prayer of thanks then!) When we went back out to the car to get in he tried the same key in the passenger door lock 3 times to see if he could get it to open again--and it wouldn't budge the lock. I love the power of prayer and our mighty God who is always with us and watches over us.

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