Thursday, January 12, 2012


Jono has a new fascination. It's with anything that makes a noise and cleans, i.e. vacuums, steam cleaners, electric scrub brushes (you know, the small ones that get in crevasses). Everyday he begs me "Clean mommy, Clean?" over and over again pointing to the vacuum. I finally gave in this morning and pulled out the vacuum. I think he let me use it for all of thirty seconds before he completely usurped it. It took me twenty minutes to talk him into being done. He's a strong little sucker! Get it? Sucker, vacuum? Lol! I've been around my husband too long. That's one of his bad jokes. Anyway, back to my little vaccumer. He cracked me up because while he was vacuuming he would just stop and grab something and keep vacuuming. So, I grabbed my camera and caught him in the act. Pretty funny. Check him out.

We like to train them up young here. Child labor laws? What? Seriously, though. I couldn't bribe this away from him!

This is hard work Mom! I need a drink! He didn't even stop moving the vacuum. Grabbed the drink and kept moving. Lol!

He was really working hard. Wish I could keep this work ethic in him all the way through his teen years! Yah right!

Why the mad look? All I did was tell him it was Mommy's turn to vacuum! Think I got my turn? No way! Hahaha!

More multi-tasking. Apparently you can draw and vacuum at the same time, too. He did this on both sides; grabbed the crayons or chalk, drew on the board and kept moving!

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