Saturday, January 14, 2012


It's 37 degrees out but it only feels like 30 degrees. Can you really tell a difference when you're freezing? I can't. I'm just plain cold! It's been in the really low thirties for days now. We have a little bit of snow on the ground but mostly it's just been cold. I don't mind the mild Winter as I'm not much for shoveling the white stuff but we do need the moisture here.

It's been a really low key day. Julie worked a good part of it. Rob got called out a couple of times. The kids and I just hung out at home all day and I don't think Mom and Dad left the house either. We are all pretty darn boring. Oh, Rob and I did go do some real quick grocery shopping, but that's about it. We made some really good stir-fry for dinner. Now, everyone is in bed except me and Rob. I'm just waiting up for him to get home. Since I don't have anything exciting to tell you I guess I will call it a night. :)

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