Friday, January 20, 2012


Jono has been potty training on his own for several weeks--kind of off and on. He has wanted to do it. He feels like a big boy when he goes on his own. I decided to try to go ahead and finish his potty training instead of letting him drag it out for a month or two. There's a theory of potty training that if you let them run around naked from the waist down it will only take 1-3 days to completely train them. I've been nervous to do that because I didn't want to clean up the messes. But, I decided the end result might be worth the risks. So, today I started this version of potty training with him. I affectionately call it "Potty Training on Steroids!" Lol!

Jono actually did really well today. He didn't have ANY accidents! He told me every time he had to go and the only time I put a diaper on him was for a nap! Yay! We are almost there! He was pretty happy himself. It will be so nice not to have to worry about (or pay for) diapers anymore! Cant wait! Yahoo!

Grandpa had more physical therapy today. He seemed pretty good afterward--not as worn out as usual. Either they were nicer to him or he's getting stronger! Grandma is still doing good.

Well, gotta get myself to bed. Night all.

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