Sunday, January 29, 2012


I had a pretty good day today. My lesson went fairly well (I think.) I made Rob my slave. There was a video I could show if I wanted as a part of the lesson and that means less talking for me, so I thought it was a great idea. The problem is I am not technically savvy. So, I asked Grandma if she could keep an eye on Jono so Rob could come and help me. Since he was going to be there anyway I told him if there were any dead spots in my lesson or if people weren't answering questions it was his job to speak up. He must have forgotten part of his job because the crowd wasn't much in the question answering mood today and I found myself doing the "Anyone, anyone" chant from Ferris Beuhler's day off. Still no one volunteered so after I finished looking around the room for volunteers my eyes landed squarely on him -- and stayed there--piercing him . . . until finally he got it. "Oh", he said quietly and with a little jump, and then he volunteered to answer the question. "Volunteered" probably wasn't the best word for that but he did finally chime in when I needed him. I'll tell you, you've got to stuff your audience with helpful people. That's all there is to it! LOL!

We came home after church and napped a little, then went back for a teacher development meeting. After that, Julie and I made Navajo tacos with homemade fry bread. It was our first time making fry bread so it was not as light and fluffy as my Navajo friend used to make it. Hopefully, with practice we will get better.

Grandpa hasn't move much since his PT on Friday. I think they worked him pretty hard. He says it is really helping the pain in his hip, though. If it's working on the pain, I guess it's worth the fatigue after. Grandma made us a really yummy dinner Saturday night. I'm not sure if it has a name or not but she cooked all carrots, potatoes, green beans and italian sausage together and Carly had at least two helpings--but I think it was three. Jono had a couple helpings also and I can't ever get him to eat everything on his plate. He's a pretty skinny little boy!

Julie has been working on college and scholarship applications. She's up against some deadlines this week so that is her priority. There is so much to do and fill out when you are planning to go to college. Wow! Who knew?!

Well, better get myself in bed. Night all.

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