Monday, January 2, 2012


We spent the whole day taking down our Christmas decorations. It wasn't that we had that many decorations up but we decided to sort through everything we had--including the boxes of things we didn't put up and get rid of the stuff we don't use anymore. We had a ton of stuff! I'm happy to report that we don't anymore!

Carly starts pre-school tomorrow. At least I hope she does. They told me I could come in and register her beforehand or on the day it starts. I have gone in several times but they have been closed every time I've gone. I guess they closed all during the Christmas holidays--and maybe a few days before. Luckily, I didn't tell her about it until just before bed tonight so I haven't had her asking me about it every fifteen minutes the whole break. I've gotten smarter.

Julie starts back to school tomorrow and those days Rob was going to take off, well, I think he's decided to work instead. So, things are back to normal tomorrow.

Today Carly told me a couple of times that she was going to get tall like me and when she does that she is going to be in charge. The first time she kept it small and just said she was going to be in charge of Jonathon. The next time she told me she'd obviously thought it through more and decided that to just be in charge in general had a better, broader scope to it. Lol! Little does she know she's been in charge since we brought her home. Can't give her that piece of info or we'd be in real trouble. Lol!

Night all!

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