Monday, January 23, 2012


It's a darn good thing I have a snot-sucker, that's all I have to say! Wow, I can't believe how much snot fits inside one tiny two year old! Thankfully, when he started having trouble breathing they gave us (well, we pay for it) this machine that literally sucks the snot out of his nose. LOL! He actually doesn't mind it very much. Some days he even asks for it. He asked for it 2 or 3 times today. Now, Carly is a different story. Since she didn't start having them as a baby the machine frightens the life out of her. If we even try to use it on her she kicks and screams and knocks things over. Let me just say we have given up trying to use it on her--even though it makes Jono's life and breathing a lot easier! I would really hate to have to deal with his breathing issues without a way to clear out his nose easily. Before we had this when he was much tinier, we had to just take him to the emergency room so they could use their machine on him. Otherwise, he could not breathe--and when he wasn't able to breathe he couldn't breathe in the medicine that would help him breathe better either. So, frustrating.

So, I guess you've figured out the cold's aren't better here. I'm trying to keep them away from Grandma and Grandpa so they don't give them to them but they are slippery and get down there before I know it! I haven't felt well, either, so I'm not as on the ball as I should be. Hopefully, they won't catch what's being thrown at them.

It snowed a little bit here today. I never did get outside but looking out the window I'd say we got a couple of inches. Just enough to make things white and slippery. Well, I'm going to sign off here and drink more fluids and get more rest. Night all.

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