Monday, January 16, 2012


We didn't get near the snow we were supposed to get today. Although, we are supposed to have another storm coming in on Wednesday that is even bigger. Tonight we took the kids bowling. We went to the mall food court really quick beforehand and grabbed a bite to eat and then headed over to the bowling alley. Everyone beat me. Even Jono. I learned something significant and that is that my arm has not gained any strength back from my shoulder surgery. I could barely hold a bowling ball, let alone swing and throw it. I started out with a 12 pound ball, moved to a 10 pound ball and finally started borrowing Carly's 6 pound ball and I even dropped that one prematurely a few times. Wow, I guess I need some strength training. Gah! That was a very frustrating eye opener!

I stayed up late to watch the Republican Debate. I taped it while we were out because I really wanted to see it. I guess I was the only one because everyone went to bed. Well, it's late now so I'm going to head there too. Night all.

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Do you support Romney? Char