Monday, January 9, 2012


Wow, someone wound my little boy up today and I could not find the off switch! Holy moly! There is a reason they named "two" the "terribles." Gah! I'd finally had it when I caught him jumping up and down in the dog water dish and realized it wasn't his first visit to the dish. As I walked ~ O.K. rushed, toward it to pull him out I nearly slipped and fell in more than one of the puddles he'd created on the floor around the kitchen. He'd obviously gotten in and out of the bowl multiple times. The thing is I hadn't been out of the room more than two minutes! This kid is QUICK! It's like Rob told me the other day, we just can't afford to take our eyes off him. It's so hard though because he can be so darling and so sweet. And he has this smile that will just lull you into believing he is totally harmless and trustworthy. Looking at his handsome little face and those winsome eyes, you actually believe you can turn your back for a couple of seconds~but it's A TRICK!!! HE'S A BOY!!! I had no idea that two year old little boys had more tricks up their sleeves than two year old little girls! Holy Cow! WOW! OHMYGOODNESS! I now understand why Mommy's start wishing their little ones were older. I waited so long for my kids that I promised myself I would never wish away their childhood. But, there are those moments when I am cleaning up the broken vacuum, the broken Christmas ornaments, the broken toys, the dog water on the floor for the 500th time, pulling our valuables out of the trash---or worse yet never finding some of them--like my spare set of car keys and some of Dad's remotes--that I start thinking I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE FIVE!!!!!! Then I stop myself and remember . . . Oh wait, five is the first of the "Know It All" ages, isn't it? Oh Man--I'd better toughen up my Mommy shoulders cuz this little boy is going to land all over them! Well, at least he's cute!

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