Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I walked into our front room tonight looking for Jonathon. I knew he'd gone in there and it was much too quiet. I was afraid of what I might find. Sure enough, he had thrown the pillow seat off my Grandmother's antique rocker and climbed aboard and was just rocking away! Now, mind you, this is a rocker my Grandma had in her home my whole life and probably most of hers. My mom told me that it belonged to my Grandpa's Mom--so my Great Grandma. I'm pretty sure my mom said my Great Grandfather built it for my Great Grandmother in the late eighteen-hundreds. It's not the most comfortable rocker (thus, the pillow) and it's smaller now than it used to be. My Grandma fell sometime before she died and broke the chair and the repair made it smaller. When Grandma was gone it was really the only thing of hers I wanted. It just reminded me of her. So, one of my Uncle's and one of his friend's took it apart and tried to rebuild the part that got broken. In the end, they shipped the chair to me in pieces and a friend of mine who was really good in wood working did some amazing finish work on it and put it back together for me.

Anyway, that's the history of my VERY SPECIAL CHAIR. So, at first I started to get after Jonathon when I saw him in it. Then, I had second thoughts and told him to stay right there and keep doing what he was doing. (You know what I did, don't you?) Yep, I ran for my camera. It made me think about my Grandma and how much I think she would love my kids. I miss her so much. I mean, I REALLY, REALLY MISS HER! I love my Grandma more than I can tell you and I really wish she could be here to enjoy my little ones. So, instead of getting frustrated with Jono, I took several pictures of him rocking away in her chair and thought about and all the sweet memories I have of her. She would have liked that. I love you Grandma!

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