Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Carly was doing enough better today that I let her go to pre-school. She loves that she actually goes to school and she loves that it has two names just like! Julie's school--High school--Pre-school. Lol! My baby girl is no dummy! Hahaha!

Jono is still coughing up a storm. I'm having to watch him really closely. His breathing has been bad and it can get out of control so quickly. We have him on several breathing treatments a day and that is helping keep his breathing in check. We are trying so hard to keep him out of the hospital this year! I need a lot of wood to knock on!

It's only 34 degrees here. It actually feels colder than that so I guess I will be thankful it is 34 degrees. I just can't seem to get and stay warm.

I am going to have to go back on my diet and start exercising again. All this laying around being sick has taken it's toll on my waistline. I have been so lethargic--and yet still hungry. I'm at the point where I'm afraid to get on the scales and it's only been a week since I was on them! I can just feel that my clothes are tighter. I hate that! I just have to work my brain into submission--and get my will power ignited so I can actually manage to stay on the diet for long enough to get off what I need to. It's so much easier not to gain it in the first place! Wish I could remember that! Sometimes it's like my brain, my taste buds and my tummy are not connected at all! Gah!

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